The database is one of the most essential parts of any android app these days. User account details, transaction history, news updates, and statistics are just a few examples of the data one may wish to pull, store and analyse.

Android, by default, has inbuilt SQLite support which stores data…

Satark Bharat, Samriddh Bharat

From the cradle to the grave, from dusk till dawn, each person is faced with challenges and dangers lurking around every nook and cranny. From an individual to a family, community, region and nation, each step towards prosperity calls for “vigilance”. But what is vigilance? …

In the first part, we learned how to list all the apps present on the home screen and display them in a list view. In this part, we shall learn how to download the new .apk file and update the same from the release cloud server.


  1. Host a cloud…

Embedded Python into a webpage using Plotly Dash Library

I designed and developed a covid meter with an aim to create a consolidated report of the trend of covid cases in my organization. The webpage is mainly built using Python and ReactJs.

The webpage has consolidated data in the following…


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